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Nature Seekers is all about play and nature! Outdoor play stimulates the imagination, awakens the brain, and creates a sense of awe.
With play comes learning, and with learning comes wonder,  respect and stewardship.
Nature Seekers is a culmination of the best  NATURE and EDUCATION programs in South Florida!
Christy Schultz, Director of The Nature Teacher and Emily Feldman, Director of Treehouse Learning, have joined forces to bring your children and family an EXPERIENTIAL, EXPLORATORY, FUN and PLAYFUL learning opportunity.
With more than 25 years of combined teaching experience and expertise, Christy and Emily are ready to set the Nature Seekers concept into PLAY.
The Nature Seekers' mission is to construct and personalize your child's outdoor experience with small groups, holistic integration of themes and activities, and individualized instruction. Each location provides unique and new experiences, activities and lessons making each seeking day different.  The Nature Seekers' Program provides a safe and nourishing outdoor environment in which your children’s imaginations will thrive.  With play comes learning, and with learning comes respect and stewardship. The Nature Directors and Nature Guides will facilitate the Nature Seekers' Program using creativity, positive guidance and a wide-range of fun and engaging create an enriching and whole OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE... Join us Today!  

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